Exploring fragile position and ambiguous territory of man in his physical and/or psychological space is Takeuchi's main interest in her works.
The cause of the works often stem from her own experiences in close and personal environments.

The relationships – such as between man and animal, between the private and the public and/or the self vs. the other – are always uncertain;
thus, they create duality in man's identity. Every individuals seem to exist in parallel worlds in order to live comfortably, yet they
consequently invade the others' territory. Seeking harmony from contradiction seems to be our mandated practice.

In an attempt to play with the insubstantial, Takeuchi searches within these personal safe zones to find their lines. Through her artworks,
she offers an alternative perception to the viewer when it comes to considering conventional values of property, thereby creating alternate journeys
and narratives of thought.

Takeuchi mainly uses photography, video and performance in the works, that are based in theoretical, historical and philosophical research,
as well as inspirations from people she interviews.