Portrait Walk
#4 Kiss and Morten

Walking Compositions for individuals
Variable duration
Denmark 2018-

A series of 'Portrait Walk' is a project containing walks along with several simple rituals. Each walk dedicates to an individual. The initial drive came from two aspects. 1) I want to get to know ppl in closer and playful relationship. More we age, our friendships become wider often through professionals, living together or common interests, yet it's not so easy to make them deeper and more intensive. 2) As having photography background, I am always interested in portraying people. The project attempts to make portraiture in move and by interpreting how the person relates to his/her time and environment.

For an art and music festival På Den Anden Side (31. Aug - 2. Sep 2018), I created 'Portrait Walk #4; Kiss and Morten'. Duration approx. 1h30 mins. Ahead to the festival, I took interview with Kiss and Morten who initiated and organized the festival. The walk invited also the public of the festival to come along. approx. 25 ppl max.

The couple and their 3 children moved from Copenhagen to the new home in Møn Denmark. The new home is huge on the 800m2 land – a farm house with an old beautiful barn and a stable used to produce conventional food. The festival På Den Anden Side was meant to be the first transformation ceremony of this old house to become an art space and to do it together with their community, the participants and the festival guests. The walk was a response for their dedication and vision.