... and the Name of the Dogs

Photography and Text
Variable sizes
Netherlands 2012

The protagonist of the work is “Hilko” who is one of the characters in my previous film, ‘Tampopo Head and the Name of the Dogs’.

The work consists nine photographs of Hilko’s dogs and nine accompanying texts about women whom his dogs are named after. It explores the the act of naming, alongside exploring his universe.

Naming is such a simple action, yet cruelly powerful, as it confuses our perspective instantly and creates a parallel reality for both a name giver and a receiver. By exploring the psychological intent behind of this action, I explore ambiguity of our identity and reality. I also question how a personal reality is created and seen by a public reality. What result comes up, when these two type of reality merges?

Alice A Kuzniar, the author of a book, ‘Melancholia's Dog: Reflections on Our Animal Kinship’ notes, “The dog is best suited as a test case to explore the philosophical, ethical, and imaginary connections and impasses between the self and other, between the human and animal world.”

The work is realized with the supports of de Appel Art Centre and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Installation Views

Each text cen be read by clicking below